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The Gay Naked Butler

Richie the boy
Richie the boy

As the gay naked butler, I have been a nudist since I was a young boy. I am now over seventy years old, and still have not lost the desire to be naked as much as possible. Hence I am now a gay naked butler.

In my early adult years, I suppressed this tendency to take all my clothes off, because of what people might say. Then in later years I finally recognized that I am gay – I fought this very hard because it was evil and God would hate me, etcetera … but eventually I realized that this was utter rubbish. One of the events that finalized my coming out, was attendance at a Naked Passion Dance. I had an illuminating and spiritual experience as I stripped naked with a hundred other people and danced the night away. I was free and uninhibited in a way I had never been before.

My conclusion: nudity is a part of my identity. If I am naked before Divinity, then I can be naked before Humanity. And so I resolved to spend the rest of my life as naked as possible.

I do that to the extent possible, living in a cold climate. Public nude beaches, secluded woodland trails, bicycle trails, communal nudist events, public parades at Pride Day – are all opportunities to shed my “clothed identity,” and don my real naked identity.

Actually Naked, for Real!
He really is naked

I tried this “Naked Butler” idea a few years ago, but only got a couple of inquiries. I wasn’t properly marketing the idea, and after a year or two, I began putting on weight and that rather turned me off the idea – an old fat naked man as a butler didn’t really appeal to me, nor probably to my potential customers. So I let it all go. Recently I lost the 25lbs I’d gained, and I have hopes of losing another 5 … or 10?.

So here I am, giving it another shot. Now it’s not just the Naked Butler, it’s the Gay Naked Butler. Might as well be completely out!

This is not about sex.

Nudity for me has never been about sex, at least not since I was 14 or 15, when I couldn’t help it. Nudity is about simply “being” me – nothing hidden, no shame, no fear. It is the most natural thing in the world to do the housework, entertain guests, sweep the leaves in the fall … whatever … all while I’m naked. I’m told that some on our street refer to me as, “the Underwear Guy,” or “the “Naked Guy.”

The Gay Naked Butler offers a service designed to introduce people to the idea of social nudity as something normal, happy and social. NOT rude or immoral.

It is interesting what happens in a crowd when there is a single naked man walking around among them. People laugh and want to get their photo taken with the naked guy. On the street, quite often a bemused boyfriend is stuck with taking the picture while his girlfriend stands with me our arms around one another’s waist, posing for the picture.

I like to do what I can to ‘normalize’ nudity and help people to come to accept the human body as part of a social context. Not that everyone should be naked … but at least reduce embarrassment and especially that strange reaction – outrage – at nudity,


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