Small Print: The Gay Naked Butler Rental

Gay Naked Butler Rental – the small print

To make things perfectly clear, here is the small print:

Please note that the only serving going on is food and drink. This is not a sex service in disguise!

 No Sex Please, We’re British!

No Sex Please, we're British
No Sex Please, we’re British

However, British or not, the Naked Butler is friendly and not offended or embarrassed by normal social interaction conducted with him as the only stark naked man in a room full of clothed people

Parties and Events:

What sort of parties? Birthday parties, stag parties, hen parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, social groups, men, women, mixed parties – in fact, any kind of party at which the guests are eighteen years or older.


Your Gay Naked Butler can be naked from the start, answering the door to your guests. Just imagine their reaction! … OR … he can begin by being fully dressed in his formal ‘English Butler attire’ and then every time he leaves the room, he returns with an article of clothing missing! Leaving your guests wondering what is happening. They’ll wonder just how far he is going to go!

Underwear Stripper
Underwear Stripper

He could stop stripping at the underwear and then reluctantly with great embarrassment, strip off the underwear in front of your guests. … OR … you or your guests can remove them from him!

For special theme parties, your Gay Naked Butler can be suitably accessorized. In chains or leather arm bands for a fetish party; as slave for a toga party; as Adam for a plain old fancy dress party. Use your imagination!

Then of course, there are party games!

By the way, accessories are okay, but are not intended to disguise the fact that this butler is naked! If you want a hunk with a bare bum and an apron – you can find services provided by many others. The unique thing about our service is full nudity, and we do not accept bookings for anything less.

How to Request the Gay Naked Butler:

Fill in the Naked Butler Inquiry Form. You will be contacted shortly to make detailed arrangements.

The Gay Naked Butler will gladly audition for you, because – well, let’s be honest, he’s no spring chicken, never worked as an underwear model or a pole dancer; in fact, he’s 71 years old – not that there’s anything wrong with that! Not in bad shape – but definitely not a muscle hunk! So you have to decide if he’s right for your party at your house – in the buff!

It’s fun, because he’s fun, and he’s safe because, he’s:
a) Gay;
b) No threat to anyone’s husband or wife;
c) Mature;
d) He’s an experienced and confident nudist.

How to Book

Fill up the form and submit. Or just request a call from the little box on the right, so you can chat and ask questions. Our phone number is there too, so you can call any time. No obligation.

The cost of all this, ahem, bare-bones service? $30 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Yes, well, perhaps you won’t want him to spend too much time washing dishes at that price!

Extended party times by special quote on request.

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