Naked Butler holding wine bottle poses with laughing group of women and man, at a hotel party

Naked Butler Working

Here is the naked butler working with a party group.

The Gay Naked Butler serves your wine, brings trays of hors-d’ouvres or other nibbles.. He will greet your guests at the door, wearing no clothes at all! He can participate in your party games, and even organize them for you!

Get in touch to chat about possible parties or informal get-togthers with your friends, where the Naked Butler would put some humour and raciness into your event. Don’t be shy – give him a call to check out your ideas, or to get ideas from him.

This is a fun, sociable service, designed to bring a little bit of naughtiness and cheekiness to your gathering.

The Gay Naked Butler working is not uptight when he is the only naked person in the crowd. He does not have a “no touch” policy, and willingly poses for photos with your guests. Gentle and non-sexual contact is okay, and the sky will not fall as a result.

Now, it is true that the Gay Naked Butler is no spring chicken. On the other hand, he is totally shameless! Which is a good thing!

Strolling completely naked through the late-night throngs on Pride Day, one woman rushed over, flung her arms around him and said, “I love you!” This was followed by a frown of disapproval from her girlfriend/partner! Oops!

Another woman walked up beside him, and said, “Where do you get your confidence from?” Now this was an interesting question, as he was not aware that the confidence to walk out in public actually showed somehow to other people.

Nudity should be viewed as a statement of Being – I am who I am, and this is me, the real me!