Off-Duty Butler

The Off Duty Butler

… is an inveterate nudist, at many public events and places when he’s an off duty butler. Here are a few examples:

Nudity is a way of life for the Gay Naked Butler. When he is an off-duty butler, he lives much the same as when he is “Butlering” at your home. He takes his clothes off and goes out in public, weather permitting, of course!

He has taken part in the World Naked Bike Ride a few times, an event where naked men and women ride naked around the centre of Toronto in support of curbing our oil dependence and promoting more sustainable forms of transport, such as, er, cycling!

Pride Day of course is a major week of events culminating in several parades. The main parade usually features naked men and women, in particular members of “Totally Naked Toronto Men,” a local men’s nudist club.

The Naked Butler Usually walks around Church street later at night and mingles with the crowds milling up and down the street at the bars and stalls. Some years ago in the early days of Pride nudity, he and a friend were the first to ever walk in the parade naked – a moment never to be forgotten! Some years later, he was arrested with several others and, with three others, went to jail for the night. No charges were ever brought and since that year, the police have taken no action against the ever-increasing numbers of people marching naked.

There are many other opportunities to be naked in public in Toronto, and hopefully many more and wider opportunities will arise in the future.